The Speech Therapy & Aesthetics

The Speech Therapy & Aesthetics is a natural and non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and smoothing facial rejuvenation.

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By Magda Zorzella | 11/06/2013

I created this area of speech therapy fifteen years ago, and ,since then, it has benefited those who are followers of natural treatments and want their faces to look younger without the need for invasive procedures.

This work has delighted Brazilians and brought much interest outside the country. I had the opportunity to present my work in Chile, Portugal and Italy, where they received this treatment with open arms. After all, the number of people interested in a more natural look has increased sharply.

On a daily basis, eating, swallowing, speaking and expressing ourselves, involves performing numerous contractions with the muscles of the face. When we are young, it goes unnoticed, but with the passage of time and the effects of aging , "these faces and repetitive mouth movements”, mark our faces, leaving some unwanted wrinkles. Furthermore, our routine usually full of numerous chores, somehow or do, contributes to making our faces look tired and dull.

The method of Magda Zorzella Fonaoudiologia Aesthetics (Method MZ) aims to:
* Rearrange chewing, swallowing, breathing, speech and expression, which in addition to smoothing wrinkles, improves quality of life as it reprograms the vital functions of our body.
* Rebalance the muscles , remove contractions and overexaggerated or unnecessary efforts, thus producing quietness, smoothness and therefore a more rejuvenated face.

The treatment is individual and specific to each person. Every patient who is treated by the method of MZ Fono & Aesthetics , undergoes a myofunctional assessment and, from it, a treatment planning is elaborated. The results are obtained in or after 10 sessions, once a week.

The aspects or techniques worked in the sessions can be daily performed by the patient alone, as they become part of his life. This differentiates this work, because the patient happens to be the agent of his transformation and perpetuates the work even after the sessions are over. By learning these techniques, the patient will make use of them accordingly, in his routine, himself! That means independence and self-care!

The Fono & Aesthetics has benefited people from 26 to 80 years old. As longevity has become a global reality, or a reality in the contemporary world, we must take special care of ourselves ... That is the proposal!

It is always time to make peace with the mirror, is not it?
Why not give it a try?
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