Title: Speech therapy that rejuvenates

Author: Magda Zorzella Franco - Publisher: Livro Pronto -Brasil

Publicado em 21/01/2014 -


The master in communication disorders (PUC-SP) and specialist in orofacial myology, the speech therapist Zorzella Magda Franco, a columnist in our Portal, launched on October 26, the book "The Speech that rejuvenates." Published by Editora Livro Pronto in São Paulo, the work shows the development of speech therapy in parallel with the Aesthetic Face, a new area that was legalized in 2008 by the Federal Council of Speech.

Scientifically proven, the Speech Therapy and Esthetics of MZ method aims to smooth out wrinkles, reaching to the rejuvenation of the face by means of rebalancing the muscles of the face.

"It is a natural and non-invasive work that teaches the patient how to care, prevent and mitigate his expression marks. People from 26 to 75 years have benefited aesthetically from the movements proposed by the method, which has improved their quality of life, as these functions are rebalanced, "explains the author and Dr. Magda Zorzella This method is a novelty because there is no need for any surgical intervention to delay or disguise the passage of time.

The book has a technical speech characteristic. The work teaches how the professional should evaluate patients and show the aspects to be worked out. However, it does not provide the recipe. "The technique is individual and based on- the- spot assessment of the situation of each patient," says Dr. Magda. According to her, the speech therapist will have ,through the book, a significant theoretical techical support.. The content takes the general reader to know the phono & aesthetics and become interested in the work, in addition to acquiring lots of information on how he is using his face muscles as his quality of life improves.

"The goal is that both the speech therapist and a layperson, are encouraged to go deeper on the subject," explains the author, who has worked clinically in this area for ten years and eight years teaching courses for the training of professionals for the MZ method, receiving patients and students from all over Brazil.

About the Author Magda Zorzella Franco graduated from the PUC-SP 25 years ago and holds a Master in Human Communication Disorders. She is also specialized in orofacial myology and Language. As the creator of the field of "Speech Therapy and Aesthetics" and author of the Method MZ, she develops the area, teaches specialization and improvement formative courses and has written articles on the subject for 10 years.

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